Air Conditioning

They are all fitted with A/C.  The best place for the A/C is in a box in the garden shed     The compressor, the support bracket and idler tensioner weigh about as much as the engine block.  The engine does not really produce enough power to cope with turning the massive compressor. Running the A/C also appears to put a heavy strain and eventually destroy engine and gearbox mountings. Harsh vibration at idling is a result. New mountings are about $200.

I have turfed the compressor out of my 5 speed with great benefit.... it loses a whole lot of weight off the front end, improving the suspension, handling and general performance.



Nissan opened a Be-1 shop in Tokyo during the currency of the vehicle... it was opposite Tiger Seafoods,  just close to the Omotesando Subway, just in case you're ever in the area.... retailing an array of Be-1 stuff from clothing to bedroom nightlights. The list is endless. Actually it did extend to passport holders as well. I have heard that a toilet for use in traffic jams was also available..but hey, I don't actually believe it.

A number of items were available specifically for the car. The most common is the "entertainment rack"... a tubular steel rack / console that sits forward of the gear stick - intended to hold serious sound equipment of the era such as your Nakamichi TD1200 deck, amp and equaliser gear.. powering up your B&W parcel shelf speakers.. yeah baby!

2 of my cars had racks fitted - one stolen on the trip over from Japan. I have found one in Japan since to replace it pictured. I have to say they are amazingly heavy.



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