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Auto, Canvas Roof.

this car is  SOLD 

                                 My 5 Speed BE-1   Feb 2014

                        I have owned and run this Be-1 as my daily for about 5 years now

                14" HONDA rims fitted. I bought these in Japan.. the centres have been     machined to fit the Be-1 hubs 


 Be 1#3 Auto, canvas roof. The Autos are much improved with 14" or 15" rims,it gives them longer legs and more relaxed cruising.




I have a complete power steering rack,pump, pulleys and pipework unit from a Pao that will bolt straight in, and spare auto box for this car .Be-1s did not come with power steering and fitting the Pao unit would be a world changing REVOLUTION ! 

Interior shots above....NICE !



   Be-1 5 speed, 61,000Kms,  



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