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Calsonic Group A Skyline HR31 gets it ON,,, 1988 Model,very lightly modified

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My 1988 HR31 GTS Skyline. I imported this Skyline over three years ago. ... Yet to be complied.






The Skyline is a March 1988 build

and the last of the HR31 series. The R32 models superseded it in late 1988. It's actually hard to get late HR31's 

Earlier versions seem to be far more numerous.  Apart from being rarer, there are substantial differences, the most important being a more powerful engine due to a revised induction system.. ECCS..

There may be other mechanical differences than the earlier cars that I am not aware off.

The 1988 year model has better upholstery..even the roof lining is different from the earlier  31's

Style wise the biggest changes were to the grille and taillights . it's a matter of personal taste if you prefer the changes or not, but I am a fan of the taillights of these last HR31's specially on this crisp white car. The garnish piece between the tail lights should be black but it's been painted in the body colour.. I prefer the black. The paint would probably come off using caustic soda, without destroying the garnish piece.

This car is in very good condition.  Last ownership was from Toku-Shima one of the islands off Honshu, so it was not subject to the congestion, pollution and open air parking of the mainland big cities.

Its previous owner very obviously took great pride in this has been properly serviced and maintained.. with a recent cam belt and water pump, clean oil in the engine and new exhaust system.  What is unusual is that front and rear struts have been replaced in recent years.. usually Hr31's arrive without any working shock absorbers and drive like boats on a rising sea, its a pricey business getting that sorted..I have owned a few.  This HR31 was never fitted with a rear spoiler...

The well known Hr31 "specials " The GTS-R and the 200 high output  Autech 31's were both based on the 88 model... as were most of the group A cars raced in Australia.

I have found it depressing seeing P plated wrecks of these wonderful cars... or modified to the point they are undriveable defect magnets...burdened with 80Kgs of speakers and amps,fierce clutches, not to mention blue hoses everywhere under the bonnet.  Who needs a sound system anyway when you have a 5 speed RB20DET to listen to ?

Nothing wrong with tasteful improvements, but plenty of Hr31's tend to end up WAY overdone in one way or another.

and that is what is so attractive about this very original Hr31 GTS.

The original hub caps for the factory rims are still neatly packaged in the boot.

 The original books for the car were with it as well as some years of receipts for services and work done... I also have Japanese registration documents that authenticate the cars mileage..

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A set of 15" BBS RS rims are also available ....


Glen Seton in DR30 Skyline



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